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A Pumped Up Bump Out

A room addition or bump out is a single room structure built onto the side of a house meant for a single function, such as a bedroom and/or bathroom. Our client wanted to add additional space to their home as they were adding additional space to their family. The boys at BHR thus went to working on a new second story addition built on their existing structure. Adding: new windows, siding, roof, drainage out to street and updated plumbing, while on the inside of the existing home adding a new furnace, re-insulation of the whole home, a fresh batch of paint/trim, new doors, tied in the hardwood floors into existing hard woods and stained them all while creating three beautiful new spaces for laundry, sleeping, and toiletries as well as adding a covered front porch!

side view of a bump out renovation with blue paneling on the side of house
renovated bathroom with granite counters in a light stone brown color


upclose photo of new flooring tiles
All Over
  • New Flooring

  • Fresh Coat of Paint

  • Trim work

photo from renovated bathroom going into bedroom
Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Total New Room Additions

  • Walk-in Closet

  • Vaulted Ceilings, New Windows, and Siding

upclose photo of technology used in home such as heating/cooling device
  • Electricity Install

  • New Light Fixtures

  • Easy Tech Install

laundry room built off the side of bump out
Laundry & Bath
  • New Appliances

  • Granite Countertops

  • Amish-made Custom Cabinets

  • Kid Friendly Bathrooms

The Add-On Bedroom