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Barrett Home Renovations logo with cats working on a renovation project, one cat is hanging from the Barrett Family crest with paint spilling down, another is welding the crest, two cats are on scaffolding lifting up a sheet of wood and another cat is chopping up wood with a circular saw, one cat climbs on another cat to change a lightbulb with the other cat being annoyed and helping lift that cat up, another cat peaks out of a cabinet with nails in its mouth and a hammer in its hands, and the last fat black and white cat is grouting blue and green tiles on the wall

So Why Cats?

Our family grew up with cats our whole lives so cats definitely have an influence on the way we act, think, and quite frankly how we run our business! We find doing renovations is a lot like herding first it can be daunting, but after a while we get each task done (putting each cat in its place) and at the end, when we see the project finished, it is a great feeling! Although we have love for ALL animals, we find cats are goofy yet personable and responsible...matching our company's personality purrrfectly!

Pantoufle's Image
Grey Limbo
Graphic of BHR logo with a brown and grey haired cat's mouth open eating the words Barrett Home Renovations and a red and pink swirl background

Our designer, Julia Barrett, creates each goofy cat scene with the intention to grab viewers attention and make them wonder what is different from our renovation company vs any other? The answer: We are more personable, fun, and (unlike a lot of the designs where cats are doing silly things) we know what we're doing!

Where Do We Get Our Inspiration?

Our designs don't just come out of the blue, here's what inspired us to create these funky cat designs:

Nepal Inspired Logo

Our Travels

Our Own Fashion Style

Although our team faces dirt and grim everyday on the job, we also want to feel good while getting down to business! That's why with each clothing item we pick out we make sure to find the softest and best quality materials. We aim for top notch quality in both our renovations and in the way we present ourselves. Fashion is as importance to us as design is for remodeling.


Inspo: Lord Nermal
...if you know, you know. This specific brand inspired Seth to create our own goofy cat designs to slap on t-shirts, hoodies,  and hats. The cartoon cat attracts people and brings them closer to see what the clothing item is all about...we made our designs so what seems to be a normal fun cat shirt is also secret advertisement for BHR! Bam! Didn't see that coming huh?

Our and Our Client's Pets

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