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A Whole Home Reno Addition

Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division??? Who knew renovations could involve so much math! (well everyone...) But don't worry, this addition was given an A+ on the renovation exam! We took a regular house and added on so much more! This growing family needed to drastically expand their home, so by doing this home addition, we not only gave our customer more square footage, but also added more space for their blossoming family to live. With a huge new kitchen, master suite, added on & updated bathrooms, floors, and light fixtures, this house now has it all for this busy family. Check out how it turned out below:


window view from outside view of renovated room addition with blue siding and white shingles
  • New Fencing
  • New Deck/Porch
  • New Bump Out
barn door for closet
Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Total New Room Additions

  • Walk-in Closet with Laundry in unit

  • Vaulted Ceilings, New Windows, and Barn doors

upclose of renovated carpeted bedroom and tiled bathroom
All Over
  • New Flooring and Tile

  • New Walls

  • New Light Fixtures

toilet advanced technology bidet attachment
Laundry & Bath
  • New Appliances

  • Granite Countertops

  • Amish-made Custom Cabinets

  • Kid Friendly Bathrooms


From The Outside

The Kitchen