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I "Azure" You, You'll Like This Kitchen!

Oh Baby, I azure you, you'll like this kitchen...okay, okay, enough with the puns already--they're making me blue...

Now that that's over, let's go over some of the amazing features this kitchen has to offer! Our clients have a bustling family full of children laughing and playing, yet are very cool and relaxed--so naturally we had to match their style with this sleek kitchen design! When you come into the kitchen the first thing you'll see is a large center island with plenty of room for their kids to eat breakfast at, or for guest to spend time socializing. The pop of royal azure blue on the island and backsplash make this almost white kitchen feel relaxing and inviting. The Amish-made custom cabinets were a must have for this couple in order to store and tuck everything away in a flash! The boys at BHR also happily installed extra snack draws for the kiddos and a nicely hidden adult bevy drawer along with a giant GE touch screen among the rest of their appliances. Check out these cool hidden features below:

Extra Appliances=
An Extra Touch To Any Kitchen

The workers at Barrett Home Renovations make installing these added features easy and simple. We love adding new gadgets and wonders to your's like the cherry on top of the ice cream for us! To find out more about these featured appliances click here (sliding snack drawers) or here (GE touch screen)

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