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Holiday Ready Kitchen

This Kitchen Inspiration features warm wood island with the white countertops and white Amish-built custom cabinetry, luxurious upgraded amenities, and glass features to show off our clients beautiful red Christmas plates which contrasts perfectly with handmade quilts hanging on their wall. The dishwasher and fridge blend seamlessly in with their surroundings so to the naked-eye one would mistake them for cabinets or a pantry while the large gas stove top and oven stands out with it's shiny silver coat and fun red buttons. Above the stove is a water feature that makes it easy for our client to fill up pots while cooking. The nock above the sink--originally having a wooden surface--was replaced with a nice stone top. The back door was switched for easier access to the outside and nice wood table and chairs were put in to tie everything together--creating a space which is inviting for family and guests! The perfect Holiday Kitchen!

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