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The Pearly White Master Bath

There’s something so soothing about being bathed in light, and the opalescent sheen of hard surfaces pictured here in quartz lend to that feeling. 


We re-ran the plumbing lines for the beautiful duo: tulip tub and glass encased shower. It is certainly a hot trend that we’re glad to see as becoming a modern tradition. In Ohio’s inclement weather these are inviting must-haves.


The homeowner accessorized with a wood bath caddy to add a bit of organic, and a nod to the warm wood tones found throughout the home’s original frames and doors. 


A nice long shower is definitely in the cards, one where the billowy lofts of steam roll up the height of the glass surround and reach to the slanting ceiling, and watching from the stone wrapped shower seat is a peaceful moment. Once an open-concept bathroom, we were tasked with sectioning off an adjoining toilet room, and adding built-in linen cabinets to match back to the pleasant dual sink vanity. Now those billows of steam don’t roll into the master bedroom.


Joined in this story is the warm pearly white Shaker style cabinets. Painted to a marine-level protective finish. They hold your bath salts and bubbles, go ahead and pop them open, they’ll soft-close.


Ahhh so soothing!

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