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The Contemporary
Academia Bath

Combining Modernity and Timeless Charm:


Get ready to be inspired by the combination of modern elements and timeless charm that make this space truly unique.


1. Removing the Half Wall:

The first step in this bathroom renovation was the removal of the half wall, creating an open and spacious feel. This simple change instantly opened up the room, allowing for better flow and a more inviting atmosphere.


2. Custom-Made Amish Cabinets:

To bring a touch of craftsmanship and authenticity to the space, custom-made Amish cabinets were chosen. These beautifully crafted cabinets not only provide ample storage but also add a sense of character and charm that is hard to replicate.


3. Dark Granite Countertops:

Nothing says elegance and ties into the new academia trend quite like dark granite countertops. The rich, deep hues of the granite perfectly complement the overall aesthetic of the bathroom, adding a touch of sophistication and luxury.


4. Woven Tile Floors:

For a unique and eye-catching flooring option, woven tile floors were selected. The intricate patterns and textures of the tiles create a visually stunning effect, adding depth and interest to the space.


5. Subway Tiles in the Shower:

To achieve a classic and timeless look, subway tiles were chosen for the shower area. The clean lines and simplicity of subway tiles brings in the contemporary look, while also providing a versatile backdrop for any style of bathroom decor.


6. Vintage Shower Handles:

To add a touch of nostalgia and charm, vintage shower handles were installed. These beautifully designed handles not only enhance the overall aesthetic of the bathroom but also offer a unique and delightful showering experience.

This bathroom transformation has turned into a contemporary academia haven. From the removal of the half wall to the addition of custom-made Amish cabinets, dark granite countertops, woven tile floors, subway tiles in the shower, and vintage shower handles, every element has been carefully chosen to create a space that blends modernity with timeless charm. We hope this bath has inspired you to embark on your own bathroom remodeling journey. See pictures of the renovation below and for more home remodeling projects and design inspiration click the next button!



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