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The Entertainment Basement

This basement went from flooded, to gutted, to renewed. We gave the whole basement new floors and stairs, a fresh coat of paint, and custom-built cabinets to show off their theater room and bar area. We went with tinted sliding glass on the entertainment cabinets so switching between games and movies is easily accessible and also hides all the technology, cords, and lights. Underneath the stairs we added more storage with our custom made Amish built cabinets in order to easily stow away board games, books and crafts. The bar area features a mirrored glass displace and over head lighting just like any modern bar would so you feel like instead of being in your basement, you're actually out on the town! To top it all off, we helped with the installation of the projector and other technology so that it would be theater ready! Pass the popcorn--we're ready for a night in!

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