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Our Process

Step 1.

Contact Us For A Free Consultation!

Email, call or fill out the form below to setup a free consultation. After setting up the consult, BHR (a Central Ohio Remodeler Company) will come out to you to talk about the project(s) you have in mind & go over our process step by step.

Step 2.

Black and white Cat thinking of designs and inspirations it may have for a renovation with a thought bubble red shirt pearls and red glasses

A. Design with your own Designs

Have your own designs/blueprints? We will use them in our renovation process!

a bathroom renovation done with a large shower and large glass door and custom cabinets
Before bathroom sketch/blueprint
Bathroom after photo

B. Design with our Designers

Don't have any designs/blueprints? No worries! Give us your inspiration ideas and we will have our designers/ architects create a design that will put your renovation dreams to paper!

Step 3.

Go On A BHR Tour

All New Customers will have the opportunity to visit Existing Client's homes to check out past projects. This is so you can get an understanding of how our renovations turn out and can talk to our Existing Clients about their experience working with us! (Don't worry our customer's will know when you are coming and won't be taking a cat bath during your tour!)

Step 4.

We'll Put Together A Budget

BHR will help you budget for your project. We will give a realistic cost for your project and work with you to insure that your renovation will be the best it can be for the budget you have.

Step 5.

Signing The Contract

All that's left is to create, negotiate, and sign a contract to get your renovation started. We make sure to go through the contract with you so you understand it before signing.

Step 6.

Construction Planning & Scheduling

Planning around a renovation is one of the most important aspects of your project...which is why we emphasis the importance of the time it takes to construct and find the perfect start date for your renovation project!

Step 7.

Renovation Time!

It's time to put on our hard hats and get to work! Check out our Kitchen, Bath, Whole Homes, and Fun Features Pages to see the process for each type of renovation from start to finish.

And fill out the form below for a Free Renovation Consultation!

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