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The Wooden Kitchen

Normally with spaces that get less light you want to put lighter colors on the walls, add pops of pattern, and over emphasis the lighting...however, by doing the complete opposite of that; ripping off the 90s wallpaper, taking out the fluorescent lights, and giving this kitchen a much needed wooden upgrade, we made the space feel more open, airy, and light while also giving it a modern forestry look. 

The flooring before was replaced with wide wooden floor planks, custom-built Amish cabinets and pantry were put in, and by adding wood to the ceiling the lovely wood ceiling beams became an accent piece bringing the eye up and making the kitchen feel bigger and bolder. This kitchen features plenty of dark wooden elements that radiate warmth while the blue-grey back splash keeps it cool and fresh. Modern appliances were easily installed along with new rustic lighting which with the flip of a switch can go from a kitchen perfect for Sunday pancakes to a romantic cabin in the woods feel. The best part is that Iffy (our customer's dog) really took a liking to us and his new kitchen!

brown dog face with dark wooden flooring and dark wooden cabinets in the background staring at newly renovated kitchen



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