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Everything And The Kitchen Sink Whole First Floor

This Whole First Floor needed a Whole New Look! Here's what the BHR boys did:


The Whole First Floor:

  • We put in new hard wood throughout the whole first level and got rid of the previous owner's outdated tile floors


  • We opened up the kitchen by taking out the peninsula and replaced it with a large kitchen island

  • We took out all the soffits so there would be higher ceilings and taller cabinets

  • We added fun features such as a pop-up stove top, a hidden door for both the garbage & dishwasher, and a secret spice rack located right by the stove top! 


  • We rearranged the room--took the sink out from one corner and put it in the other so the doors to the laundry actually shut and the machines worked properly

Half Bath:

  • We did a quick reno that updated the old half bath

Master Bath:

  • A total redo of the master bath



Featured Items:

Hidden Dishwasher
Pull out Dishwasher Cabinet
Popup Stove Top
Built-In Spice Rack
Pull out hidden spice drawer cabinet
Fun Features
Hardwood Floors Throughout The First Floor
Drawn Up Designs


Photo of a finished bathroom renovation with large shower and glass wall for shower door
renderings/drawings of a bathroom with large shower and glass door with cabinets and mirrors
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